Fylde and Wyre CCG stakeholder engagement highlighted in national report

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Fylde and Wyre CCG’s work to maintain and extend stakeholder engagement has been held up as an example of best practice in an NHS England report.

Each year, all CCGs are required to carry out a 360 stakeholder survey to establish how well they work with local partner organisations and to understand perceptions of CCGs as responsible commissioners that engage effectively with stakeholders and the public.

According to the report, ‘following the 2018/19 CCG 360o stakeholder survey, case study interviews were conducted with representatives from five high-performing CCGs.

‘These interviews sought to identify transferable actions that other CCGs could adopt or adapt to improve the way they engage with their own stakeholders.

‘The CCG 360 stakeholder survey results from 2018/19 were used to identify CCGs that had achieved particularly strong results and/or a particularly high response rate. CCGs were selected, in collaboration with NHS England, to cover the range of topic areas in the questionnaire, as well as to ensure a spread of CCGs across the country. CCGs were then informed about the research and invited to take part.’

To read the report in full, CLICK HERE.

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