New service means patients at Mount View can contact their surgery 24/7

Patients at The Mount View Practice in Fleetwood will be able to contact their surgery 24/7 thanks to a new online service.

The Klinik Access system, available on the practice’s website, will give people same-day access to their GP, in some cases preventing the need to go into the practice at all.

The practice in Dock Street has joined forces with Finnish firm Klinik Healthcare Solutions and becomes only the second surgery in the UK to offer the innovative service – which is already used by more than 1.5million people in Finland.

Dr Matthew Bramley, one of the GP partners at The Mount View Practice, said: “This new service will make life easier for patients as they will only have to tell us what their problem is once and be treated or advised in the most appropriate way.

“Traditionally patients are required to explain their problem several times to different professionals, starting with the initial phone call. Klinik Access really does streamline the process and should lead to a much quicker response.

“Patients will of course still be able to book appointments over the phone and we will continue to offer appointments online through myGP, Patient Access and other systems.”

The online service, which is available 24/7 and works on all devices, will make it easier and faster to access treatment. For instance, if a child gets an ear infection, parents can start the treatment process online, even in the middle of the night. Practice clinical staff receive the initial information about the ailment in the online system and can contact the parent in the morning. If a patient needs urgent treatment, Klinik AI recognises this and will process the case urgently.

The simple online system guides patients through selecting the nature of their query, giving their information and symptoms and letting the surgery call them back with a comprehensive plan of care.

Following the launch of the system, patients at The Mount View Practice will have be able to submit requests for sick notes, test results, home visits and general enquiries online.

The system does not require any login details or for patients to create an account. And if queries are submitted before 4pm, the patient is guaranteed to receive a response the same day.

Dr Petteri Hirvonen, chief medical officer at Klinik Healthcare, said: “Booking appointments and launching the treatment process has been the bottleneck in healthcare services. The online system developed by us is an excellent example of how digitalisation can help provide practice patients with better healthcare services, give professionals more time for encountering people and create significant cost savings.”

Klinik Access will go live at The Mount View Practice on 4 March 2020. Patients will be able to access the online system through