Have you shared the Spirit of the NHS?

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On 5 July the NHS will celebrate its 72nd Anniversary and this year the NHS is focussing the celebration on regular people who have shown the spirit of the NHS by caring for others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NHS will be taking the opportunity on its birthday to applaud everyone that has shown the spirit of the NHS by caring for others, improving the lives of people around them and putting others first. That includes community groups, businesses and individuals who have all done their bit.

Dr Adam Janjua, Chair of the NHS Fylde and Wyre Clinical Commissioning Group said: “One thing that has really been shown during the pandemic is that the spirit of the NHS is in all of us.

“The NHS has been overwhelmed by the appreciation and support it has received in the last few months but we can’t take all the credit. Armies of volunteers have helped with shopping or checking on people. Neighbours have supported people around them and children have written to strangers in care homes just so they don’t feel forgotten. Without knowing it those people have displayed the very traits that make the NHS the nationally loved organisation it is.”

On the Fylde Coast the anniversary is being used as a springboard to learn from the efforts of the community in the hope of empowering them to continue beyond the pandemic.

Dr Janjua adds: “The way the community has mobilised to help and look after others is something that has touched everyone. We need to do what we can to keep this spirit alive and build on this so it can continue to benefit people for years to come.”

The Fylde Coast Clinical Commissioning Groups are hoping to collect stories from people who have been helped or those that have chosen to help others, no matter how small. From someone going to do your shopping for you to the smallest of acts that meant the world during the lockdown.

You can let us have your stories here.