NHS COVID-19 app launched!

The new NHS COVID-19 app is the next phase of the test and trace effort.

Download the app by searching ‘NHS COVID19’ in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Every person who downloads the app will be helping in the fight against coronavirus.

Use these links to learn more

Introducing the app – explainer pack (PDF: 1.6MB)

NHS COVID-19 app features – overview poster (PDF: 1.9MB)

How to download the app on Android phones – guide (PDF: 2.7MB)

How to download the app on iOS iPhones – guide (PDF: 2.3MB)

Alerts and notifications poster guide in English (PDF: 2.5MB)

Find out more about the app poster (PDF: 1.7MB)

Fact sheet for parents and 16-18 year olds (PDF: 718KB)

Are you about to store your phone in a locker or communal area? (PDF: 1.6MB)

Your privacy protected – poster (PDF: 1.5MB)

Privacy FAQ leaflet – with images (PDF: 1.8MB)

Privacy FAQ leaflet – without images (PDF: 695KB)

How to create a QR poster for your venue (PDF: 605KB)

How to use QR codes to check into a venue (PDF: 653KB)

Tips for displaying your QR poster in England (PDF: 584KB)

Tips for displaying your QR poster in Wales (PDF: 614KB)