Mark Menzies MP visits Lytham COVID-19 vaccination site

Fylde MP Mark Menzies paid tribute to the hard work of staff and volunteers after a visit to the Lytham COVID-19 vaccination site.

Mr Menzies met with support staff and clinicians, as well as patients and volunteers, during his visit on Friday (15 January).

Speaking after the visit, Mr Menzies said: “I was amazed at just how slick the operation is but also at the number of people coming to get the vaccine.

“The enthusiasm that we are seeing, not just from patients, but also the clinical teams and also the volunteers that are making this happen.

“Today is a real day of recognition of the people who have stepped forward to make this happen so I would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers, people from the Coastguard, Lancashire Fire and Rescue, retired clinicians that have come back into service.

“These people are really stepping up from the community in order to deliver this vaccine.

“But I would also like to thank people for being incredibly patient at this difficult time. If you haven’t had the vaccine yet and you are in one of the vulnerable groups, please continue to be patient.

“Your local practice will contact you and they will give you an appointment. But in the meantime please continue to stay home, stay safe, and protect the NHS.”