Over Wyre Medical Centre tribute to volunteers and tree planting ceremony

On Tuesday 27 July the Over Wyre Medical Centre staff were joined by the practice’s amazing team of volunteer marshals to conduct a tree planting ceremony in remembrance of all those who have suffered at the hands of deadly COVID-19 virus. A cherry blossom tree has been planted at the front of the practice with a plaque which takes pride of place at the foot of the tree. The tree will serve as a permanent reminder of the lives that have been lost during the Covid-19 pandemic.  It stands as a tribute to every single key worker and is a symbol of how Over Wyre Medical Centre staff and patients have stood together to help one another.

The Over Wyre Medical Centre team has administered an incredible 20,000 coronavirus vaccinations from this site.

John MacPhee, practice manager at the medical centre said: “Three key words stand out on the plaque.  Reminder, Tribute and Symbol. Families up and down the country have been affected by this virus. Indeed, families in our Over Wyre Community and the families of the Over Wyre Medical Centre staff have had to deal with this virus.  None more so than our Care Homes and our respect goes out to all the families of Care Home residents for what they have had to endure and a special thank you goes out to the staff at Bank House Nursing Home, Conifers Nursing Home, Kepplegate House, Pilling Care Home, Seabank House and St Albans Nursing Home.  Our Care Home workers are held in high esteem and have the admiration of our community.


“That’s why our tree will be more than a reminder.  It will be a tribute to our magnificent key workers and symbol of the strength of our Over Wyre Community.  We want it to be a happy tree and when the blossoms bloom each spring the staff at Over Wyre Medical Centre will continue to remember.

During the tree planting the practice staff took the opportunity to thank all the volunteers for their hard work and suppoprt to help manage their response and vaccination programme. A selection of the pictures are below.