How to best help your guests if they need to access health services.

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Every year the NHS on the Fylde Coast sees hundreds of people from outside of the area needing health services. This can be simply because they have forgotten their prescription medication or for something more serious. However, since they are not familiar with the health services available on the Fylde Coast they often end up going to A&E. This is not always appropriate and causes long waits.

We have made accessing health services a lot easier to help with this issue and wanted to make it possible for you to help your guests if they do need medical attention for any reason.

  • If one of your guests has forgotten their medication the best thing to advise them is to contact their own GP practice. They will be able to send the prescription to a local pharmacy for your guest to pick up. Pharmacies can also help with over the counter medicines for other minor ailments.
  • For anything that is not life-threatening but needs more urgent advice (beyond waiting until they return home and can see their own GP) they should make use of NHS 111 either online or by calling 111 by phone. The local service is able to offer advice from medical professionals. If the service decide they should see someone urgently they will provide a timeslot appointment at either a local urgent treatment (walk in) centre or at A&E. It’s important they do this instead of just turning up so that the clinical staff are expecting them and can properly manage the flow of patients. Plus we’re sure your guests would prefer to wait in the comfort of their accommodation or using your facilities than being sat in a waiting room for a long time. If they use a timeslot appointment they will usually be seen within 30 minutes of their arrival meaning they could be back at the accommodation and enjoying their holiday quicker too.
  • For anything life-threatening obviously, they should call 999.

We have created the below leaflet or poster that you may wish to use in your accommodation packs in guest rooms. You can either print this yourself for your packs or if you would like we propose to have some of these printed professionally and you can register your interest to receive some using the form below.

Please note, materials will only be available to order until November 2021. After this date please contact