#ThankYou campaign celebrates staff and volunteers in Lancashire and South Cumbria for COVID-19 efforts

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Health and care sector and voluntary services, teams and individuals in Lancashire and South Cumbria are being thanked in recognition of the outstanding contributions made throughout the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and in support of the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

The #ThankYou campaign features a video of Lancashire and South Cumbria’s Interim Director of Nursing, Jane Scattergood and Medical Director, Andy Curran speaking on the collaborative efforts undertaken over the last two years across the health, care and voluntary system alongside local patients, staff, family and friends, as we shine a light on inspirational stories of gratitude to those who cared for them.

Mr Paul Meehan is one of those individuals. Paul shares his words of appreciation for the continued compassion and thoughtfulness demonstrated by two paramedics, Chloe and Nutan, during his unfortunate extended admission into hospital.

Speaking alongside his daughter Katie, Paul explains the impact that their small acts of kindness had and conveys the hope and reassurance that this brought to both himself and to his family. Chloe and Nutan, also appearing in the video, share their experiences of working on the frontline before an emotional reunion with Paul and Katie.

Talking also on their personal experiences of the pandemic, Laura Scarborough and Sara Heywood, staff members of the Ribble Medical Group Primary Care Network, feature to share their admiration and appreciation for the invaluable volunteers supporting a community-centre based COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Penwortham.

Volunteers like Ed and Trevor from the Penwortham Cricket Club, who also appear, who facilitated the team from the local primary care network from greeting and directing patients to administrative duties, supporting NHS staff to managing the carparks, come rain or shine!

In the final instalment, we meet Dr Callum Thomas as he attends Spring Cottages Care Centre in Padiham to thank Nadine Philips, Care Home Manager, for the respect and quality of care shown to his mother who is a resident at the centre.

The care home installed a purpose-built cabin with a partition to allow residents and families to continue visitations during the pandemic, something Callum describes as vital to the welfare and happiness of his mother.

Join us as we look back and say #ThankYou.

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