Blackpool CCG Annual Report

Blackpool CCG Annual Report

This is Blackpool Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19 (pdf | 6.8 MB) . It describes the work we have carried out over this year and outlines some of our most significant achievements and challenges. We have provided the full version of the report and a summary version which was developed in partnership with the Influence Panel.

During the process of developing our annual report each year we consult our PPE Group and Influence Panel on the content.

PPEI Group feedback

We took the annual report draft to the PPEI group in May 2019 to comment on the content and ask if the group felt the report met the Legal Duty to Report.  The Group agreed that the content of the report was sufficient and that they felt a summary version would be helpful.  The minutes from that meeting are available: Fylde Coast PPEI Forum May 2019 (pdf | 0.2 MB)

Influence Panel feedback

In March 2019 we presented the draft annual report 2018/19 to the Panel for comments on its content and appearance. The Panel had been asked to comment on the redesign of the document in April 2018 and was assured that the latest version would follow a similar format.

The Panel gave its support for the information to be presented in the same format again,  including the creation of a summary document that was more reader-friendly.

The full feedback from the panel is available here: Influence Panel report 7 March 19 (pdf | 0.1 MB) .


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