Blackpool CCG policies

Blackpool CCG policies
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Commissioning Policies

Policy for Breast Reduction v1.0_092019 65 KB417
Policy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome v2.2_122021 0.3 MB95
Policy for cystoscopy for lower urinary tract symptoms in males 60 KB64
Policy for Dilatation and Curettage v1.2_122021 0.1 MB61
Policy for endoscopic procedures on the knee joint cavity 62 KB62
Policy for male circumcision 48 KB80
Policy for non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation (gammacore) in headache 0.4 MB119
Policy for Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) management using Grommets and Adenoidectomy 0.1 MB86
Policy for Photorefractive surgery for the correction of refractive error v1.1_122021 0.1 MB57
Policy for sacral neuromodulation V1 47 KB58
Policy for Sensory Integration Therapy v0.3_122021 0.1 MB87
Policy for spinal injections and radiofrequency denervation for low back pain 0.4 MB115
Policy for surgical intervention for benign prostatic hyperplasia 61 KB65
Policy for the commissioning of cosmetic procedures 0.3 MB332
Policy for the provision of Glucose Monitoring Devices 0.4 MB160
Policy-for-Benign-Skin-Lesion-updated-September-2019 0.2 MB345
Policy-for-Gynaecomastia-updated-September-2019 0.2 MB174
Policy-for-Surgical-Release-of-Trigger-Finger-updated-September-2019 0.2 MB169
Policy-for-Tonsillectomy-updated-September-2019 0.2 MB229
Policy_for_Assisted_Conception_Services 0.1 MB696
Policy_for_breast_implant_removal_and_replacement 82 KB229
Policy_for_Chalazia_Removal_v1 0.2 MB168
Policy_for_Dupuytrens_contracture_v1 0.3 MB165
Policy_for_ESWT 86 KB186
Policy_for_ganglia_excision_v1 0.2 MB200
Policy_for_Haemorrhoid_surgery_v1 0.2 MB169
Policy_for_LIPUS_v1_09012020 0.3 MB161
Policy_for_Rehabilitation_after_damage_to_facial_nerve_Final0118 74 KB152
Policy_for_snoring_surgery_v1 0.2 MB138
Policy_for_varicose_veins_-v1_020519 0.2 MB227
Policy_subacromial_decompression_v1 0.2 MB156

Corporate Policies

Blackpool CCG Business Continuity Plan 0.2 MB472
Budgetary Control and Monitoring Policy 0.2 MB394
Commissioning Decisions Policy 0.4 MB357
Complaints Procedure 0.7 MB673
Display Screen Equipment Policy 0.9 MB1394
Emergency Planning and Resilience Policy 0.2 MB81
Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response Policy 0.3 MB400
Equipment Commissioning Policy 0.3 MB312
Equipment In Care Homes - Blackpool 210211 - Policy Refresh Summary 0.1 MB146
Equipment in Care Homes Policy - Blackpool 210211 0.3 MB291
Fylde Coast CCGs Fire Safety Policy v 1.1 APPROVED 1.1 MB372
Fylde Coast CCGs Health and Safety Policy v1.1 APPROVED 0.9 MB360
Fylde Coast CCGs IG Handbook January 2021 1.0 MB784
Fylde Coast CCGs Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy v1.2 FINAL (February 2022) 0.9 MB47
Fylde Coast CCGs Mental Capacity Act Policy v1.0 1.0 MB162
Fylde Coast CCGs Raising a Concern Policy (Whistleblowing) V2 FINAL 0.4 MB196
Fylde Coast CCGs SOP for Subject Access Requests for CCGs 0.5 MB151
Fylde Coast Safeguarding Children and Adult Policy 200108 FINAL V13 (002) 2.4 MB20
Fylde-Coast-CCGs-Anti-Fraud-Bribery-and-Corruption-Policy-APPROVED-7-Dec-2021 0.2 MB24
Information Governance Staff Code of Conduct 0.7 MB443
January 2020 - Fylde Coast CCG's IG and Data Security and Protection Polcies v2 0.5 MB488
Joint Business Continuity Plan V3.2 (February 2020) 1.5 MB590
Major Incident Plan 0.4 MB406
Managing Poor Performance Commissioned Services 0.2 MB844
Managing Unacceptable Behaviour 0.1 MB719
Mental Wellbeing and Resilience Procedure 0.1 MB228
Office Workplace Safety Procedure 0.3 MB313
Patient Choice Policy 0.2 MB364
Personal Health Budgets 0.2 MB443
Policy for Consideration and Approval of Primary Care Rebate Schemes (PCRS) 0.4 MB86
Risk Management Framework V1.7 NOVEMBER 2019 RATIFIED 1.2 MB225
Risk Stratification Policy 0.2 MB599
Safe Driving at Work Procedure 0.3 MB981
Section 106 Monies Community Infrastructure Levy Funding Policy v1.0 1.0 MB601
Serious Incident Policy 0.2 MB308
Serious Incident Reporting and Management Policy 0.3 MB357
Sponsorship and Joint Working with the Pharmaceutical Industry and other Commercial Organisations 0.1 MB354
Supervision Policy and Procedure 0.2 MB560
Volunteer Expenses policy 0.2 MB722


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