Our pledges to you

Public Pledges poster on a wall

When developing our plans we talked to thousands of local people. Together we came up with 10 ‘pledges’. You will be able to use these to measure how we are doing and to help you judge how your local NHS is performing. We will regularly publish details of how we are doing so that you can see how well we are keeping our promises.

By 2030 you will consistently:

  1. Have clear information relevant to your health and wellbeing which is easy to understand
  2. Be encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle and supported to keep well both mentally and physically
  3. Be more involved in decisions about health services and your healthcare
  4. Receive safe, high-quality healthcare
  5. Have services that are easy to access, timely and appropriate for your needs
  6. Have services tailored to the needs of your neighbourhood
  7. Receive care in a community setting or at home, where appropriate
  8. Be supported by organisations that work together to provide the care and support services you need
  9. Be supported using the most appropriate technology and equipment as it becomes available
  10. Have a health service that uses resources effectively

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