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We regularly engage on possible changes or proposals to services in order to gather feedback to inform our decisions. Our current open surveys are listed below with the newest surveys at the top of the list (so please scroll down so you don’t miss our older surveys that are still active).

Results and decisions made as a result of previous surveys can be found in our ‘You Said, We Did‘ section of this website.

Fylde Coast patient survey

We are always looking for feedback from patients in Fylde and Wyre to help us improve local health services for our population.

Feedback from our patient survey helps us to identify where improvements need to be made and this information feeds directly into the commissioning process.
Lancashire policies review
In the NHS treatments and care for patients are provided free at the point of service. While in hospital and for certain categories of patient, medications are also free at the point of service. However, not all treatments and medications are routinely funded by the NHS. This is because the effectiveness of certain procedures and medications can vary among patients and in some cases can do more harm than good. Across Lancashire and South Cumbria, there is a review of clinical policies across all the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).
This provides an ideal opportunity to co-ordinate these policies and related services and make them consistent and fair. It reduces what is often referred to as the postcode lottery of healthcare across this area of the North West. A thorough review of clinical policies takes time and this is likely to be an ongoing process.
For further information about the clinical policy review process or any individual policies email mlcsu.haveyoursay@nhs.net or phone 01772 214244.

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Your community

Healthier Fylde Coast is a partnership which includes the NHS, local authority, the voluntary, community and faith sector and residents.

If you live in Blackpool, Fylde or Wyre we want to hear your views about your community (the place where you live, the surrounding area and the places you use in your daily life, for example shops, schools and health services).

We also want to ask how neighbourhoods (groups of GP practices, social care, local councils, the voluntary sector and residents, which usually cover populations of between 30,000 – 50,000) can work together to improve health and wellbeing in your community.

Please take the time to complete our short survey to help us develop services for your neighbourhood.

Your answers are confidential. Individual responses will not be shared. For more information about Healthier Fylde Coast, please visit www.healthierfyldecoast.nhs.uk Complete the survey

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