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We regularly engage on possible changes or proposals to services in order to gather feedback to inform our decisions. Our current open surveys are listed below with the newest surveys at the top of the list (so please scroll down so you don’t miss our older surveys that are still active).

Results and decisions made as a result of previous surveys can be found in our ‘what you’ve told us‘ section of this website.

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Diabetes education review

A review of educational opportunities to help people manage their type two diabetes is taking place with hope of improving the help and support that is offered to patients across the Fylde Coast.

If you have type two diabetes, whether you have been on the DESMOND programme or not, the clinical commissioning groups (the organisations that buy health services) across the Fylde Coast would like to hear from you.

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This survey will close on Monday 21 October 2019.

Patient Choice

Everyone who is cared for by the NHS in England has formal rights to make choices about the service they receive.  These include the right to choose a GP surgery, to state which GP you’d like to see, to choose which hospital you’re treated at, and to receive information to support your choices.

These rights form part of the NHS Constitution, some are explained below. This page also contains links to pages on the NHS website, which will explain how to exercise these rights and make the best choices for you.

You can find more information on this on this site by clicking here.

If you have been referred by your GP for further treatment within the last 12 months, we would be grateful if you could please spare the time to complete this brief questionnaire.

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Continuing healthcare policy

NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group is currently in the process of reviewing its continuing healthcare policy and is seeking the views of carers around the town to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) refers to care provided over an extended period of time to a person  aged 18 or over, to meet physical and/or mental health needs which have arisen as a result of disability, accident or illness. The care is arranged and funded by the NHS and so the commissioning group who buys the care is updating its policy on what can and cannot be paid for.

The policy describes the way in which Continuing Healthcare will provide care for people who have been assessed as eligible for fully funded NHS Continuing Healthcare. The policy has been reviewed in light of revised National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS Funded Nursing Care in October 2018.

The revision of the policy does not change it a great deal from the current policy with the only change being around an emphasis on greater family or appointed representative involvement in decision making and listening to their views. The key new inclusions in the policy changes are:

  • By way of guidance, the CCG will generally not fund a home care package where its costs are more than 25% higher than care in an alternative appropriate location such as a care home. However, in exceptional circumstances the CCG will pay a higher cost for a preferred package
  • The UN Convention of the Rights of Person with Disabilities reaffirms that all persons with all types of disabilities must enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  • The CCG is not responsible for any alterations required to a property to enable a home care package to be provided. For the avoidance of doubt, where an individual or their representatives has made alterations to the home but the CCG has declined to fund the package, the CCG will not provide any compensation for those alterations
  • In the situation that staff become victims of discrimination (indirect or direct) there is no specific statement that harassment of care workers will not be accepted in line with NHS Zero Tolerance. Source: http://www.nhsemployers.org/~/media/Employers/Publications/Violence%20against%20staff.pdf

You can view the draft policy here:Equity Choice and Value for Money DRAFT (pdf | 0.9 MB)

The current policy can be found here: Equity, Choice and Value for Money PDF (pdf | 0.8 MB)

This survey is now closed.

Children and adolescent mental health services redesign

We are involved in the process of redesigning children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) in Lancashire and South Cumbria, working together with children, young people and their families to co-produce a design for future services for children and adolescents aged 0-19.

We are now in stage four of the process and adding regular updates online, you can access these updates and further information about the redesign process here.

BFC Community Trust Football Fan Zones Consultation

Blackpool FC Community Trust are looking in to the possibility of organising Football Fan Zones at one or more locations across Blackpool this summer, which will include a wide range of fun football-related activities for all range of football abilities and interests. These will take place at a local park(s) or on the beach during the Summer.

They are really keen to receive feedback from the community to help shape this provision and would therefore be very grateful if you could complete the survey below.


Fylde Coast patient survey

We are always looking for feedback from patients in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre to help us improve local health services for our population.

Feedback from our patient survey helps us to identify where improvements need to be made and this information feeds directly into the commissioning process.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey here.

Lancashire policies review

In the NHS treatments and care for patients are provided free at the point of service. While in hospital and for certain categories of patient, medications are also free at the point of service. However, not all treatments and medications are routinely funded by the NHS. This is because the effectiveness of certain procedures and medications can vary among patients and in some cases can do more harm than good. Across Lancashire and South Cumbria, there is a review of clinical policies across all the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

This provides an ideal opportunity to co-ordinate these policies and related services and make them consistent and fair. It reduces what is often referred to as the postcode lottery of healthcare across this area of the North West. A thorough review of clinical policies takes time and this is likely to be an ongoing process.

For further information about the clinical policy review process or any individual policies email mlcsu.haveyoursay@nhs.net or phone 01772 214244.

Have your say on current clinical policy reviews here.

Find out about policies which have already been reviewed here.

Comments, compliments, concerns and complaints

We are always keen to hear about your experience — as a patient, a carer or member of our local community. We appreciate all feedback. We want to make sure we are open, honest and transparent commissioners of care. It is our intention to be truthful in all our dealings with patients and the public. We want people to freely share their views – positive or negative. These could regard any matter, such as concerns about your choices as a patient of the NHS or how long you have had to wait for treatment. You can get in touch with us in a variety of ways no matter what your feedback relates to. We will also encourage our staff and member practices to share information with us when they are concerned.

To make a comment about a service you have received from the NHS whether it to tell us something positive or to express a concern or complaint, in the first instance, speak to the provider of the service you are concerned or unhappy about. Click here to view all the contact details.

Equity Choice and Value for Money DRAFT (pdf | 0.9 MB)

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