Influence Panel

Influence Panel

The Influence Panel is a group of people who help to make sure local health services are suitable for the people of Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre.

The Panel meets monthly to help shape and review projects commissioned by the CCG. It is made up of people who:

  • Want to have an input regarding local health services.
  • Are able to work as a team to deliver constructive feedback.
  • Understand the importance of citizen participation.
  • Are able to commit to one training session and two hours each month.

Recent Influence Panel meetings

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January 2020 joint meeting - Blackpool Victoria Hospital emergency village

For the first time, the CCG Influence Panel and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Influence Panel came together for one joint meeting, which took place in the lecture theatre at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

The Panel members received an update on the latest developments of the project and were able to ask questions and provide further suggestions of what the project team should consider going forward.

Download the full report Joint Influence Panel report January 20 (pdf | 0.4 MB)

January 2020 - Patient and Communities Engagement Outcome Framework

The Panel was told about the Patient and Communities Engagement Outcome Framework, which is set out by NHS England and acts as the national assessment of CCGs in terms of their engagement with local people.

In groups, the Panel was asked to comment on the evidence the CCGs were planning to submit to demonstrate how they were meeting the requirements set out by NHS England.

November 2019 - FYi Directory

The Panel saw a presentation about the FYi Directory and the improvements that have been made recently, including a demonstration of how the site works.

Members were asked to comment on the user-friendliness of the site and how to raise awareness of the directory among the public.

Key recommendations

Recommendation Actions
Amend homepage to make the site easier to navigate. This could be achieved by replacing the large ‘Blackpool’ and ‘Fylde and Wyre’ buttons and replacing with a large box to insert postcode and a series of filters. TBC
Improve Google Map plugin to allow ‘click through’ to Google Maps, allowing for information on public transport to be available. TBC
Needs to be much more widely publicised. TBC

Download the full report Influence Panel report November 19 (pdf | 0.1 MB)

October 2019 - Clinical pathways development

The Panel received an update on work to redesign a number of clinical pathways on the Fylde Coast in an effort to improve services, increase early detection of some diseases such as sepsis and to reduce the number of unnecessary deaths.

The Panel endorsed the work of the clinical pathways group and made suggestions on how to improve the reach of health campaigns which could support pathways development.

Key recommendations

Recommendation Actions
Ensure sufficient staffing is in place when implementing changes to pathways TBC
Use schools to promote campaigns aimed at supporting the implementation of new pathways TBC
Ensure private hospitals are included in clinical pathway redesigns TBC

Download the full report Influence Panel report October 19 (pdf | 0.4 MB)

September 2019 - myGP and online services

The Panel heard from representatives of iPlato, developers of the myGP app, and provided feedback on the app and how they feel it should be developed in future.

Members also made suggestions on how to increase the use of myGP and online services in general.

Key recommendations

Recommendation Actions
Work with practices to improve the number of appointments on offer within online services TBC
Go into practices to provide demos and to help patients set up the app and show them how to use it. PPGs could help with this as well as people from iPlato/CCG Practices in Blackpool being supported by iPlato and others from week commencing 7 October to get people online to order repeat prescriptions.
Utilise the recorded telephone message to promote myGP TBC

Download the full report Influence Panel report September 19 (pdf | 0.4 MB)

August 2019 - Self Care Week 2019 / Third party ordering of repeat prescriptions in Blackpool

The CCGs have begun planning activities for Self Care Week 2019 following the success of last year’s campaign. The Influence Panel was asked to make suggestions of how the campaign could be strengthened and promoted this November.

Key recommendations

Recommendation Actions
Use the FYi Directory and take the opportunity to promote this to more people Asking people from the FYi Directory to put on events and the CCGs will promote the directory to signpost people to see what’s there
Arrange to go into some schools to talk about self-care Joined forces with Wyre Council which has spent the summer working with Young Enterprise scheme which has created a number of campaigns to raise self-care awareness in young people – we will select the best one or two to use going forward
Use PPGs to promote self-care in practices and also in the community where appropriate PPGs to be sent a letter asking them to put something on during Self Care Week
Use other voluntary organisations and local employers to help with promotion In talks with CVS and YMCA, as well as Merlin to discuss ways to work together

The Panel was also asked for comments on plans to stop community pharmacies in Blackpool from ordering prescriptions on behalf of patients in a move that would bring the town into line with Fylde Coast and the rest of Lancashire.

Key recommendations

Recommendation Actions
Use as an opportunity to get more people using the online repeat prescription ordering services Representatives from myGP will be in practices to help patients sign up to use the online service
Ensure support for patients in both signing up to use online services and also those who struggle to use online services so they do not suffer as a result of the change Patients who could be negatively affected by the change identified by the practice or pharmacy and made exempt from the change

Download the full report Influence Panel report August 19 (pdf | 0.4 MB)

July 2019 - Developing a Healthier Fylde Coast strategy

A partnership of NHS and local authorities across the Fylde Coast has come together to form the Healthier Fylde Coast Integrated Care Partnership (ICP). The ICP is in the process of developing a five-year strategy.

The Panel was asked a number of questions to aid with the development of the strategy and also helped to sense check the upcoming engagement approach being delivered by Healthwatch.

Key recommendations

Recommendation Actions
Streamline the questions being asked during the further public engagement programme A discussion has taken place and the decision taken to leave the questions as they were. It was felt answers would provide valuable insight to help develop the Strategy. It was also acknowledged that there will be more time to go through all the questions during the full engagement programme.
Feed back to the Panel on the development of the strategy and how its suggestions have been used To be confirmed
The Panel endorsed the view that a multi-disciplinary workforce was integral to the success of the ICP and recommended the strategy included recruiting to the various required roles To be confirmed

Download the full feedback report Influence Panel report July 19 (pdf | 0.4 MB)

June 2019 - Emergency village/critical care development project

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has obtained £12.9million of NHS England funding to redesign critical care services (those around the A&E department at Blackpool Victoria Hospital).

The Panel discussed the buildings and estates issues currently present at the site, as well as the requirements for public and patient engagement and any challenges, issues and opportunities the work presented.

Key recommendations

Recommendation Actions
Move ICU to create extra space The Trust’s preferred option will move ICU to a new facility, creating space to expand the emergency department
Keep the public, and particularly the Influence Panel, involved throughout the project The project team has since presented to the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Influence Panel and a joint CCGs and Trust Influence Panel in January 2020. Further engagement is planned, including displays on the mezzanine at the Trust and future Influence Panels
Ensure continuity of services during any building work Plans to ensure continuity of services will be developed as part of the full business case
Ensure there is sufficient staff so improvements to the building are worth it We are working with Health Education England to asses the optimum workforce model required

Download the full feedback report Influence Panel report June 19 (pdf | 0.2 MB)

May 2019 - Influence Panel development

Following a successful recruitment to the Panel which saw its numbers grow significantly, a session was held to look at how the Panel would be run in future.

Panel members agreed the format and a couple of small changes were made, including a new way of feeding back to the Panel using a ‘three key recommendations’ method and commitments were made by the CCG to plan topics for the Panel well in advance.

Suggestions to limit the number of people able to attend meetings were discussed and dismissed by the Panel members.

Download the full feedback report Influence Panel report May 19 (pdf | 0.3 MB)

March 2019 - Improvement and assessment framework and Annual Report

The CCG was in the process of completing its self-assessment for the NHS England improvement and assessment framework for engagement, in which it was required to supply evidence against a number of criteria to demonstrate it was meeting its duty to involve the public in NHS decision-making.

The Panel commented on the submission in its current stage and provided additional information, with comments used to help shape the final submission.

The Panel was also presented with the draft content of the annual report to comment on style and readability.

Download the full feedback report Influence Panel report 7 March 19 (pdf | 0.1 MB)

January 2019 - Communications and engagement strategy

While work was ongoing to develop a Fylde Coast communications and engagement strategy for the Fylde Coast CCGs, public groups were asked how they felt communications and engagement could be improved across the area.

Suggestions made by the group were noted down and included as part of the strategy, which will shape communications and engagement activity throughout the next two years.

Download the full feedback report Influence Panel Report - January 2019 (pdf | 0.3 MB)

November 2018 - Neighbourhood development plan survey

The Panel was asked to help in the development of a survey aimed at understanding how people feel about the areas in which they live.

Feedback was taken on the survey and used to make sure it was right before it was launched to the public.

Download the full feedback report Influence Panel Report - November 2018 (pdf | 0.1 MB)

October 2018 - Clinical pathway development

The Influence Panel was asked to help inform the development of an engagement mechanism for plans to develop a host of new pathways for various health conditions to improve the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment.

The Panel suggested that the patient voice should be heard throughout the entire process, starting at the very top with the overall strategy group. As a result, two members of the Influence Panel now represent the patient voice at this level of this work.

Download the full feedback report Influence Panel Report - October 2018 (pdf | 0.3 MB)

September 2018 - Joint website development

As part of the development of a new joint Fylde Coast CCGs website, the Influence Panel was asked to provide feedback on the existing websites and a ‘beta’ version of the new website which was under development.

The Panel endorsed plans to create a joint website and also strongly approved the new layout in the website that was under development.

Download the full report Influence Panel report Sept 2018 (docx | 33 KB)

June 2018 - Equality and Delivery System (EDS)

The Influence Panel helped the CCG in its annual equality and delivery system (EDS) grading assessment, which helps the organisation ensure it is adequately considering the needs of all members of the community when making its decisions.

Panel members gave suggestions on the types of evidence they felt would help make sure the EDS grading provided an accurate picture of the work being done by the CCG.

Download the full report Influence Panel Report - June 2018 (pdf | 0.5 MB)

May 2018 - Extended GP Access

The Influence Panel took part in an evaluation exercise by students from the Lancaster University business school around the extended GP access service who were investigating why the service had been under-utilised.

While Panel members said they felt the service was good, some were at a disadvantage to the geography of the area. Members also felt the service had not been publicised well enough as many people did not know it existed.

Download the full report Influence Panel Report - May 2018 (pdf | 0.3 MB)

April 2018 - Annual report

Following the previous discussions around the CCG’s annual report, a number of alternative annual report documents and layouts from across the country were presented to the Panel so the CCG could pick the best design for its next publication. They were also given a first look at some of the content.

The Panel gave recommendations on its favoured design options and members expressed they were happy at the development of an executive summary and the inclusion of more ‘review of the year’ items within the annual report.

Download the full report Influence Panel Report - April 2018 (pdf | 0.5 MB)

February 2018 - Annual reporting and review of the year

The CCG asked the Panel to look at its annual report and review of the year documents and provide comments on their content and appearance.

The Panel provided a number of suggestions for improvements including the need for an ‘executive summary’ of the annual report, which is very long and complex.

Download the full report Influence Panel Report - February 2018 (pdf | 0.5 MB)


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