Patient Cancer Care Improvement Group

Patient Cancer Care Improvement Group

The Patient Cancer Care Improvement group contains people who have been affected by cancer and volunteer their time and experiences to improve cancer care on the Fylde Coast. The group meets bi-monthly and is chaired by a group member.

In 2017/18, the group developed a transport directory as a solution to a high number of missed urgent cancer appointments. Research carried out by Blackpool Teaching Hospitals and Cancer Research UK found that there were high rates of non-attendance of these appointments by people who live Lytham or Fleetwood. It was found that these areas have poor public transport links with no direct routes to the hospital. The group produced a transport directory booklet which includes initiatives such as the NoW Travel Card, travel reimbursement schemes, information on parking and public transport journey planners.

The group presented the directory to Blackpool Transport which has expressed an interest in collaborating and maintaining the booklet. LINK to the booklet?

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