Why engage?

Why engage?
All clinical commissioning groups have a legal duty to involve the public (individuals and communities) in their commissioning activities and feedback on the impact the engagement activity has had. This includes designing and planning services, decision-making and proposals for change that will impact upon individuals or groups and how health services are provided to them. Both Fylde Coast CCGs (NHS Blackpool CCG and NHS Fylde and Wyre CCG) have active and robust infrastructures to ensure patient and public involvement lies at the heart of our business.

Embedding engagement

The CCGs’ constitutions, the legal document that defines how the CCGs operate, commits to involving the public in the planning, development and consideration of proposals for changes and decisions affecting the operation of our commissioning arrangements. Our approach to engagement is outlined in our communications and engagement strategies below.

A summary of our engagement infrastructure is here: (LINK TO DIAGRAM)

Link to Gov Body C&E reports

Both CCGs have a Governing Body member responsible for championing people and public engagement at the highest level. Their roles make sure the voice of the local population is heard and that opportunities are created and protected for patient and public empowerment.

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