Fylde Coast vaccination hotline


If you’re struggling to find information about the COVID vaccination programme on the Fylde Coast, are confused about where to go or when or if your family member has questions but doesn’t have access to the internet you can call a new Fylde Coast hotline.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Hotline has been set up to be the go to resource for questions regarding the Fylde Coast vaccination programme. The purpose of the Hotline is to be a reliable source of information about the Covid-19 vaccine and the local vaccination programme.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Hotline is available 10am-8pm 7 days a week to take calls about the Fylde Coast Covid-19 vaccination programme. The phone number for the Covid-19 Vaccine Hotline is 0300 7906856.

The hotline is for information only and can not book appointments, people wanting to book an appointment should wait to be contacted by the NHS either through the national booking system or by their GP. If people think they should have already been invited and are part of an eligible group they should call 119.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Hotline will answer your questions about the Covid-19 vaccine including but not limited to; if you are eligible for the vaccine; where you can get vaccinated; and the effects of having the vaccine. Advice will be based on publicly available information, drawn from a range of sources

The Covid-19 Vaccine Hotline has translation and accessibility services available to support people with a wide range of communication needs.

Calls to the Hotline will cost the same as calling your GP practice from a landline.  Costs from a mobile phone will depend on your network provider and call plan.

Whilst the Hotline is manned by a well-trained team with the most up to date national and local guidance on the vaccine available to them there may be questions you have that are completely unique.  If this is the case the Hotline may ask you to speak to someone else.  For example, if you have unique medical queries you may be asked to speak to your GP, who will know your unique medical history best.

More information on the Covid-19 vaccine and vaccination programme can be found at https://www.healthierlsc.co.uk/CovidVaccination/faqs.

Last updated on 16 March 2021 at 09:53 by communications and engagement manager