During the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer people are coming forward to talk about symptoms of cancer.

Nationally there has been a 70 per cent reduction in referrals of suspected cancer, a number of people are cancelling their appointments when they have been fast tracked for appointments to rule out cancer. The NHS is still open for cancer.

  • If you have a symptom, such as blood, a lump, a new, unusual pain, or a prolonged unexplained symptom, that you are worried about, you must contact your GP practice.
  • Your clinician will discuss with you the benefits of starting or continuing your cancer treatment against the increased risks of contracting coronavirus.
  • If you have been fast tracked by your GP or other health care professional, it is extremely important you take every measure to attend this appointment.
  • Please be assured it is safe to attend the hospital and strict infection prevention and control measures are in place.
  • Early diagnosis saves lives.

Click on the videos below from GPs encouraging people to see their GP if they have any symptoms they are worried about, or attend a fast track appointment if they have been given one.

Dr Adam Janjua, Fleetwood GP and cancer lead for the Fylde Coast
Cancer appointment information
What it is like visiting hospital for cancer appointments during COVID-19
How technology is being used for cancer treatment during COVID-19
Why it is so important to attend cancer appointments

Find out more information on the Let’s Talk Cancer website –

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