Learning Disability Mortality Review

Learning Disability Mortality Review

The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) programme was established in May 2015 to support local areas across England to review the deaths of people with a learning disability, to learn from those deaths and to put that learning into practice.

CCGs are expected to work with their local partners including people with a learning disability, families and carers, local authorities and NHS trusts. CCGs have a responsibility to improve the quality of the health and social care services provided to people with a learning disability, and to address the persistent health inequalities people often face.

The LeDeR programme requires CCGs across England to review all deaths of people with a learning  disability aged four and over, and to improve services based on what those reviews show. CCGs must work with local health and social care providers to develop and put those local action plans into place.

Download this year’s LeDeR annual report here.

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