How we spend your money

We value the important principles that the NHS was founded on: healthcare free at the point of use, funded from general taxation, and available to all based on need and not their ability to pay.

To provide transparency and to allow the people to hold public bodies such as the CCGs to account, we now publish information relating to all expenditure over £25,000 every month. ‘Expenditure’ includes all individual invoices, grant payments, expense payments, payments to GPs and other such transactions. Payments to staff are not included in this disclosure.

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How we decide what to spend your money on

As CCGs we work closely with healthcare providers to ensure they are providing safe, high quality services. We also work very closely with local authorities and the voluntary sector to ensure services are integrated and meet the needs of patients and their families.

Each year commissioners at the CCGs work with clinical leads and service providers to develop commissioning intentions and aspirations to be taken forward into the following financial year.

Commissioning intentions are defined as things we’ve already developed or can develop for implementation for the beginning of the new financial year. Commissioning aspirations are defined as things we’ve partially developed or will develop for implementation during the financial year. Both these intentions and aspirations are developed in line with national or local policy or where a need in service provision has been identified.

Once a commissioning intention/aspiration is identified it is scored based on a number of indicators and is then prioritised alongside all the other intentions and aspirations.

An independent evaluation panel, which includes patient participation group representation, reviews the scoring given to the commissioning intentions and aspirations in order to ensure transparency and avoid any bias with regard to the service development.

Where the commissioning intention or aspiration relates to an existing provider, these are taken forward as part of contract negotiations.

What we don’t pay for

To ensure that we can provide the best care for the maximum number of people, it is vital that we make every penny count.

Carrying out operations and medical procedures that are not of great health benefit uses up resources that could be spent on really making a difference elsewhere. This is why doctors and health professionals across Lancashire have put together a list of procedures that the NHS does not carry out, as well as others that are only carried out if patients meet special criteria or during exceptional circumstances. By way of example, we don’t generally carry out operations or procedures to treat hair loss or remove tattoos for cosmetic reasons.

You can obtain a copy of the full list from your doctor, or view it on the policies page.

It is important to remember though that, while the NHS does not generally fund operations that have little health benefit in general, there are times when there may be overwhelming health benefits for an individual patient.

If this is the case, your doctor, on your behalf, will explain the exceptional circumstances to a request panel consisting of doctors and other health experts here at the CCGs, and a decision will be reached on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Blackpool CCG Expenditure

March 2015 25K Expenditure 0.1 MB8
April 2018 25K Expenditure 0.3 MB6
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-2-17-18 0.2 MB6
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-2-18-19 0.4 MB5
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-3-17-18 0.2 MB5
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-3-18-19 0.3 MB7
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-3-1617 90 KB6
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-4-17-18 0.2 MB7
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-4-18-19 0.3 MB5
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-4-1617 0.2 MB7
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-5-17-18 0.2 MB4
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-5-18-19 0.4 MB8
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-5-1617 0.3 MB5
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-6-17-18 0.2 MB4
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-6-18-19 0.4 MB7
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-6-1617 0.2 MB4
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-7-17-18 0.3 MB6
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-7-18-19 0.4 MB7
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-7-1617 0.2 MB7
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-8-17-18 0.5 MB4
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-8-1617 0.2 MB4
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-9 78 KB5
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-9-17-18 0.2 MB5
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-9-1617 0.2 MB2
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-10-17-18 0.2 MB3
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-10-1617 0.2 MB5
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-11-17-18 0.2 MB3
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-11-17-18-1 0.3 MB5
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-11-1617 0.2 MB5
Copy-of-OVER-25K-MTH-12-1617 0.3 MB3
Copy-of-OVER-25K-REPORT-MTH-1 0.2 MB5
Over-25k-expenditure-reort-June-14 0.1 MB5
Over-25k-Expenditure-Report-April-14 0.1 MB6
Over-25k-expenditure-report-April-15 0.1 MB4
Over-25k-expenditure-report-August-15 0.2 MB5
Over-25k-expenditure-report-August-2014 0.1 MB5
Over-25K-Expenditure-Report-December-2014 0.1 MB4
Over-25k-expenditure-report-February-2015 0.1 MB4
Over-25k-expenditure-report-January-2015 0.1 MB5
Over-25k-expenditure-report-July-14 0.1 MB5
Over-25k-expenditure-report-July-15 0.2 MB5
Over-25k-expenditure-report-June-15 0.2 MB6
Over-25k-expenditure-report-May-14 0.1 MB6
Over-25k-expenditure-report-May-2015 0.2 MB4
Over-25k-expenditure-report-November-2014 0.1 MB5
Over-25k-expenditure-report-November-2015 0.2 MB5
Over-25K-expenditure-report-October-2014 0.1 MB6
Over-25k-expenditure-report-October-2015 0.2 MB5
Over-25k-expenditure-report-September-14 0.1 MB6
Over-25k-expenditure-report-September-2015 0.2 MB6
OVER-25K-MTH-1-1617 0.1 MB5
OVER-25K-MTH-2-1617 98 KB5
OVER 25K expenditure Month 9 18-19 0.4 MB11
OVER 25K MTH 10 18-19 0.4 MB3

Fylde and Wyre CCG Expenditure

December 2013 Expenditure 5 KB8
December-16-Expenditure 42 KB8
December-2017-Expenditure 40 KB8
February 2014 6 KB8
February 2015 Expenditure 7 KB8
February-2017-Expenditure 41 KB8
February-2018-Expenditure 39 KB8
FW June 2013 5 KB9
January 2014 Expenditure 7 KB8
January-17-Expenditure 36 KB11
January-2018-Expenditure-2 37 KB8
July 2013 Expenditure 7 KB6
July 2014 Expenditure 5 KB6
July 2015 8 KB8
July-16 38 KB9
July-2017-Expenditure 39 KB8
June 2014 Expenditure 6 KB6
June 2015 Expenditure 8 KB6
June-16 43 KB8
June-2017-Expenditure 58 KB9
March 2014 Expenditure 16 KB8
March-2017-Expenditure 49 KB7
March-2018-Expenditure 46 KB6
May 2014 Expenditure 6 KB8
May 2013 8 KB8
May-16 43 KB5
May-2017-Expenditure 47 KB10
May-2018-Expenditure 46 KB8
November 2013 Expenditure 6 KB9
November-16-Expenditure 40 KB9
November-2017-Expenditure 40 KB7
October 2013 Expenditure 6 KB8
October-16-Expenditure 38 KB8
October-2017-Expenditure 35 KB5
Over 25k Report April 2015 6 KB8
Over 25k Report August 2015 8 KB9
Over 25k Report December 2014 6 KB9
Over 25k Report January 2015 6 KB8
Over 25k Report March 2015 15 KB11
Over 25k Report May 2015 6 KB7
Over 25k Report November 2014 5 KB9
Over 25k Report October 2015(2) 6 KB7
Over 25k Report September 2015 7 KB8
Over-25k-Report-December-2015 9 KB9
Over-25k-Report-February-2016 8 KB8
Over-25k-Report-January-2016 7 KB8
Over-25k-Report-March-2016 14 KB10
Over-25k-Report-November-2015 6 KB8
September 2013 5 KB9
September 2014 7 KB5
September-16-Expenditure 43 KB8
September-2017-Expenditure 45 KB7
April 2014 Expenditure 7 KB8
April 2013 4 KB8
April-16 42 KB9
April-2017-Expenditure 41 KB9
April-2018-Expenditure 37 KB7
Over 25k Report April 2015 6 KB6

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